giovedì 26 febbraio 2009

one for the boys

il Kamasutra della coccola!!!! dedicato a tutti i mariti affettuosi...
inglisc only...per la traduzione (se davvero necessaria) mandatemi una mail!

The Kamasutra of cuddling up! MFJ and I laughed so much! He says he's gonna try option one, but I protested: I'm sure I'd wake up if he tried to roll me in my sleep. Then he suggested "number two?"! he'd squash me! and since the couch needs to be free in case MFSJ wakes up (bad week this past one!) and stargazing generally results in me having "crooked neck syndrome" for three days at least (no soft patch found yet...but MFJ is very happy to know he is now allowed extra snacks)...we are left with THE FLYING SUPERMAN!!!
Let's see how that goes.

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