venerdì 7 maggio 2010

Random updates

*) the financial part of the house deal is done: we got the loan guarantee (deadline was coming monday) and we can finally start thinking about what we take and what we might leave behind in the old flat, for the joy of MFJ's brother. The deeds will be signed on june 15, but it should go smoothly from here onwards. These past 5 weeks have been nerve-wraching, to the point that I am not so sure I want the house anymore, but it's just stress talking, so never mind...I'll get over it. I guess we should pop the bubbly...should we?

*) bathroom challenge: what will our future bathroom look like? I don't know...I'll set up a challenge to be shared with all my friends and family: we'll hear all the suggestions and still do what we want in the end! hehe...MFJ is adamant that whatever I decide would look PERFECT (ahw!)

*) MFSJ turned 4, mama is so stressed by other things that she can't think of a proper party...but I'll invent something. We did manage to bake 36 muffins for the children at daycare, so at least we can say that mama can bake good goodies. More worrying is the fact that she seems to reject the idea of "going to school"...oh my!

*) work-wise: not too happy, but at least there's a salary and I am actually learning quite a lot, not sure what to do after this though.

*) I've tried my hand at weaving: VERY interesting, meditational and calming...unless you try to do it while your lovely daughter is around, in which case it can turn into a very entangled nightmare, still worth it though.

*) Natalina the doll got a brand you dress (Hand made by me, of course)...really pleased with the result, so is MFSJ...

*) My volunteering is going really well, so fullfilling, not without challenges though!
*) ...

the abovementioned random list would have made for great blogging topics, and there used to be lots of things I liked to talk/write about, but I am not so sure anymore...does any of you think that I am wasting my time when I cook interesting recipes? Does any of you think that I am wasting my time when I try my hand at knitting? or at sewing? or crocheting? or...blogging? Am I wasting my energies?

You know what? the impact factor of the journal where my review will be published is MUCH LESS imporant than the immediate happiness of "my" sudanese mother or getting the cake for MFSJ right. I love learning immobilization techniques for glycans, as I love learning new weaving techniques. I like writing. that's why I exercise on the blog.
What I don't like is to feel clearly belittled. I do that pretty well already, thank you.

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Thyra ha detto...

Nope, you're not wasting your time with any of these things. We should do the things that make us feel good and don't think in terms of time 'wasted'.

Congratulations on getting the financing on your house sorted!! Great news. Now the fun (though possibly still a bit stressful) part starts where you get to decorate everything. Seems a task well-suited to you though! ;-)