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this one is for all the people with whom I shared lab-time.
The original list comes from here...I deleted a few things…

You know you're a lab rat when:

1. You open the toothpaste with one hand
Depends on the toothpaste! When I started here I did keep a falcon (see number 18) in the pocket of my jacket so I could practice…
2. When you hear tween, you think of the surfactant not the age group.
I immediately thought that next to the tween bottle we have the tritonX100, does that count?
3. For you, media is something which increases your culture.
What else? Oh…I see…newspapers, radio, TV? Those are no good for my Streptomyces, sorry…
4. You have a callus on your thumb.
Worse: I wanted to use a pipette to apply slip to my ceramic pot (never told you that, Marj: sorry! Those brushes are really difficult to hold!)
5. You use the word "aliquot" in regular sentences.
Why, don’t you?
6. Sometimes you momentarily vanish from social activities because of a timepoint.
I vanish for entire weeks
7. You've never worn a clean lab coat.
Why would I?
8. You say "orders of magnitude" in regular sentences.
9. You flinch when you hear the word "significant".
Yes…especially now that I am looking at my data…
10. You're very good at diluting things.
11. You're also very good at transferring small amounts of liquid between containers.
Only with the right tools
12. You are fed up of people saying alcohol, when they mean ethanol.
13. You hear the word ‘Molar’ and teeth are the last thing on your mind.
14. You say "mills" and "megs".
Oh yeah…and megs-per-mill too!
15. No-one in your family has any idea what you do.
I also have no idea what my relatives do…they never tell me! They are too busy reading out their blood test results to me…
16. You can make a short film in power point.
At some point there was a secret competition going on during those useless work discussions
17. You consider a green laser pointer to be science bling.
Can you have it GREEN?! Mine is red…
18. A falcon is not a bird....And you have 5 of them with different types of water.
“types of water”? no, in my case is different buffers, different solutions, different pH…
19. When your fruits go bad and you get fruit flies, you can't help but check their eye colour
Yes…but I am not alone in this one: MFJ does it too!
20. You've suffered carpal tunnel from the pipetman.
No, but I get pneumonia after each protein prep, and my back is sore after carrying all of that weight into the cold room.
21. A timer clipped to the hip is not only practical, but dead sexy.
Depends who wears it ;-)
22. You've played Battleship using tip boxes.
No, but I made a very frashionable handbag with those tip-racks
23. The front pages of Science is your light reading.
Actually, Nature-Methods
24. You think the following is a quality insult: "I've seen cells more competent than you!".
I’ll add it to my list…it’s awsome
25. You're looking for a cooking book by maniatis.
how about a collection of protocols by Delia Smith?
26. You've used, "I'd like to get into your genes" as a pickup line.
No…but I’ll leave this one as a suggestion for the nerdy ones
27. You've made dry ice grenades
28. You've lost many friends to ice grenades...
No…can anyone explain? Might be useful
29. You pick fights with quacks and creationists :)
Yes…but they are a stubborn bunch
30. you read this list to see how many applied to you.
I lost count
31. You need an electronic security card to move between floors
I nick my husbands’
32. Your computer is worth more than your car
No car…
33. You wonder how many g's set your washing machine to before doing laundry.
Yes, and get stuck ‘cause I don’t know the specifics of the rotor and cannot
convert the rpm

34. you check the meniscus when measuring liquids in the kitchen
35. You want to use a magnetic stirrer in your kitchen
YES!!!! Oh YES!!! Can I also have an incubator? And a little fermentor? Then I can incubate my yeast cultures (i.e. bread) and make yoghurt with scientific precision!
36. You don't put YOUR "gel" in your hair.
I think I finally understood the inquisitive faces of my neighbors when I mentioned “staining my gel” to them…
37. Your best jigsaw was a 20 piece S. Blot.
I played with it for the good part of one year
38. You know what an S. Blot is.
39. You use et al. outside of science writing
Afraid so…
40. You subconsciously reach for your 70% ethanol bottle after touching things in the kitchen.
No, but I’d like a squeezing bottle instead of those spray bottles you buy at supermarkets.
41. You have to turn off shows like CSI in disgust when they pipet bubbles or get HPLC results in 30 seconds.
I am safe here: no telly!
42. You name your "Rock Band" the In Vitro Gentlemen and honestly think it is an awesome name for a band
Might get good money from the sponsor…
43. You name your triathlon relay team the wild types and think it's an awesome name
Where’s the sponsor?!
44. You know exactly what 10 microliters of liquid looks like
Yep…I can tell you if the pipette needs calibrating!
45. When you get yogurt or sour cream from a container at home you barely open the lid and use a *really* clean spoon.
Well, no…but I got my mum all confused when one morning I mentioned the importance of avoiding cross-contamination between jam and peanutbutter
46. On Fridays, you enjoy high-throuhgput drinking.
No, that’s a good one!
47. You've taken a microscope camping.
Not yet…but I do know of people who take the microscope home…or their sealed plates to take good pictures…
48. You name your pets / children after your favorite molecules
Nope…but there are scientists that name proteins after their wives!

Ok, when you finish laughing you can leave a comment…I really would like to see how many apply to you!

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Neli ha detto...

io mi riconosco in molte di queste affermazioni. La maggior parte già le conoscevo perché le avevo lette su un forum, così le ha stampate e appese in lab!
Le ultime mi erano nuove! Mi piace assai quella del microscopio in campeggio... hehehe!
Le bombe di ghiaccio secco non le ho mai fatte, ma siccome se ci versi sopra dell'acqua la CO2 si espande rapidissimamente, immagino che possa essere esplosiva!