sabato 9 aprile 2011

Monkey Businness

I’ve been busy last weekend...creating mokeys out of socks. The tutorial is great, you find it here.
Lo scorso fine settimana sono stata proprio impegnata...a riciclar calzini per farne scimmiette! Le istruzioni online sono qui, dalle foto si capisce tutto, altrimenti chiedete a qualcuno di tradurle.

The first cutie was christened Smussy, but we think it might once have been “smoothie”: MFSJ does get confused.
La prima bellezza e’ stata battezzata Smussy, ma forse e’ una traslitterazione dall’inglese “smoothie”: la MSGP ogni tanto si confonde.

Smussy is really a little queen, loved and cherished by our family.
Smussy e’ proprio la reginetta di casa, amata e adorata da tutta la famiglia.

In a few hours, the monkey family you see Smussy together with Pinky, the Brain and ...I don’t know what we called the pale pink one.
In poche ore, la famiglia di scimmiette si e’ allargata...qui c’e’ Smussy insieme a Mignolo e Prof e...non so piu’ come abbiamo chiamato quella rosa pallido.

The Brain got adopted by BroInLaw, replaced now by Naughty (to stitch it was a nightmare: tail and arms kept getting in the way while I was finishing muzzle and eyes!)
Il Prof e’ stato adottato dal cognato, ma l’abbiamo gia’ rimpiazzato con Naughty (“Birichino”: mentre finivo musetto e occhi c’era sempre una zampetta o la coda attorcigliate sul filo!)

A few suggestions: look for children socks size 26-30, possibly knee-long socks, avoid argyle at all costs (Pinky and the brain were a nightmare to stuff, got ripped multiple times too!), buy different patterns of the same size and then mix and match.
I’ve got 5 more coming up, and it’s not that all these monkeys will be monkeying around in our new lovenest: they are going to be shipped to friends and family...
What can I say? Fancy a sock monkey? Send me a pair of socks, I’ll work my magic :-)

Un paio di suggerimenti: le calze migliori sono quelle da bambino, taglia 26-30, di quelle alte fino al ginocchio. Da evitare assolutamente i ROMBI (imbottire Mignolo e Prof e’ stato allucinante, e si sono pure strappati un paio di volte!), provate a mettere insieme calze di diversi colori e fantasie.
Ho altre 5 scimmiette in fase di produzione, e non e’ che rimarranno tutte a casa nostra: sono da spedire ad amici e parenti...
Che posso dirvi...volete anche voi una scimmietta? mandatemi un paio di calzini, e faro’ la magia per voi.


6 commenti:

sunburn ha detto...

they are wonderful! i think you might find some socks in the post very soon :-) a pity the argyl ones were such a nightmare, they are so cool!

manu ha detto...

Aren't they cute? I'm quite addicted, actually!
For the argyle ones...they do look great, but because of the way the socks are knitted, there are a lot of loose threads inside, which you catch when trying to stuff the toy. The body is not a big problem, but all the thin parts (tail, arms, legs) are impossible. but if you like it, maybe we can look for matching socks: argyle for the body, stripes for the arms/tail.

Thyra ha detto...

Too cute!! Your daughter is a lucky girl for having such a creative mom.

Neli ha detto...

Fortissime! Sei sempre così creativa, beata Corinna!!

manu ha detto...

I think I am the lucky mom here: it's not easy for a 5 year old girl to cope with a mother which has always something planned with the sewing machine or the oven...she's my best assistant, but I think this will soon change!

NotABlogger ha detto...

how neat. i've never even thought of making these! good timing as someone in this house is going through socks like no one's business lately!